We're Revolting!™

Beer revolutionized the planet. We're revolutionizing beer.

Revolution Brewing Company develops great beer and timeless beer brands.

Our methodology is simple. Strive to create extraordinary, innovative products while preserving the ancient heritage and best practices of those who came before and giving our best to those who will come after.
  • Our products are formulated using the highest quality, most sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Our packaging seeks to preserve the maximum possible freshness while minimizing waste.
  • We are deeply committed to sustainability throughout our entire product life cycle.

For almost a decade and a half we have been delivering on these commitments, and we’ve acquired the combined experience of almost two generations.

In addition to developing our own brands we also provide full-service consulting to the brewing and hospitality industry. When it comes to beer we’re sure you’ll agree... the more the merrier, and the better the products the more fun for all. It is in this spirit that we share and grow through cooperation, sharing, and service to those who desire to leverage our skills and experience. We are extremely passionate about what we do, and equally as grateful for the partnerships we build.

Our areas of specialty:
  • Brewery / Brew Pub / Restaurant Start-Up
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Full Cycle Product Development
  • Branding and Marketing
  • eCommerce / IT / Infrastructure / POS
  • Operations
  • Training, Development, and Recruiting
  • License Acquisition and Management
  • Architectural Review and Analysis
  • LEED Design Implementation

In short, we are equipped to assist you and your organization to begin, develop, and mature through all stages of the business cycle. Let’s talk about what we can do together.

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